Hi guys! Halloween is right around the corner and I can’t believe it! Time goes by way too fast and I never get to do everything I want. I wanted to show you guys how I make these super easy, quick, and cheap decorations that you can use for years. These were inspired from expensive decorations I saw in stores that I knew I could recreate for half the price. Enjoy!


The first decoration is this really cute “potion” in a flask.

You’ll Need: 

A cool looking bottle/container (I got this one from $1 store)

Spray glue

Black Glitter

A wine cork (or you can diy the top)

How to do it:

1. Spray glue inside container. Move the bottle around to make sure it’s fully coated.

2. Tilt container to the side and pour glitter in. Slowly turn to cover entire inside. Shake around until perfect.

3. The wine stopper probably won’t be perfect, so use aluminum foil to fill the space around it.

The second decoration is this subtle halloween candle. This is great for kids because we’re literally just sticking sticker on a candle. No mess or anything. 

You’ll need:

Candle (I got from $1 store)

Stickers (preferably puffy, I got flat from target $1 section. Flat = subtle, puffy = stand out)

Optional: Spray Paint, Glitter, Ribbons, etc.

How to do it:

1. Stick stickers on candle. Pick stickers that you can tell what they are by the shape.

2. Spray paint and add personal touches. Spray paint one complete layer and DO NOT TOUH TIL DRY.

I wouldn’t light this candle because I spray painted is, but it’s a cute for a candle holder.

I hope you guys enjoyed that post and you’re getting into the Halloween spirit if you celebrate it. If you don’t I hope you’re enjoying watching us spill billions of dollars into this industry! Thank you for reading check out more Halloween posts, or general ones, below!! 🎃


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