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Hi guys. I cannot believe October is coming to a close. I just wanted to give you a quick update on my life. I feel like I haven’t gotten a single break this whole month.

Tests and essays and football games and work and blogging and youtube and Halloween festivities have kept me super active this month. Also my email isn’t working which means I have to go to the Apple Store and we all know how hassling that is. I was thinking today, will there EVER be a time where work and play coincide in my life? I feel like I can never get to the stuff I want to do or love to do because of all the responsibilities of being a working college student, and when I can do what I love, I’m so tired that I’d rather just give my brain a break. 

I got to do the main things I wanted to for this Halloween season but it’s been so difficult. I haven’t had the chance to watch ONE Halloween movie!! Not even one, the child in me is cringing. Halloween is tomorrow for me and today for some of you around the world (Happy Halloween!!) but I literally have class until 7 PM tomorrow and a test the next day. What?? Are you kidding me?? Is this what adulting is? Having to completely give up the fun things in life? It’s unfair! Why can’t we just have a universal rule of getting a break on holidays, don’t we work hard enough the rest of the time?? 

Maybe it’s just the American culture that’s super go go go all the time, but I crave a simpler life. I want to wake up and do something I genuinely love to do and have enough free time in my life where I don’t feel inches away from a mental breakdown sometimes. As long as I’m making enough to where there’s a roof over me, food in the fridge, and a couple vacations a year, I’ll be on cloud nine.

I guess that’s why I’m working hard right now, so I can relax in the future, but what if that day never comes? What if it just gets worse and worse and I’m stuck in a demanding career? What if my days of suffering never end?? Can’t you tell I’m about to fall off the edge?!?!? 

 I know that my problems are first world problems and that so many people would love to be in my position, able to work hard for your dreams, but it does get really stressful sometimes. My back and shoulders feel like I’ve been working for 25 years and I’m only 20. I will always count my blessings and keep moving forward and helping those less fortunate than me but damn can’t a sister take a breath sometimes? 

Thank you guys for reading my rant. It definitely made me feel better. Now I can go and try to study for this test while simultaneously working at my job. Life is so hectic. Let me know if you ever experience this work overload or if it has gotten better for you!

Check out more posts below! And be ready for some really fun fall/ winter, Thanksgiving/Christmas posts coming up these couple months! Hopefully my schedule will free up and I can put more effort into these.




8 Replies to “work & play”

  1. I totally understand those fears of what if’s on the future, but girl…. Let’s just never stop and keep on grinding! Goodluck on that test, you beautiful human!

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