Helllllo lovely bloggers. Happy November! The best time of year continues forward. Today was a very exciting day for me because I got new candles!! I’m not a person that buys candles too often so I’m really excited when I do. I have never and will never buy candles at full price, so I always make sure to get a decent sale. I also only ever buy from Bath and Body Works or Yankee Candle, but again, only with a really good sale! Check out what I got below!



Not only are these candles great for getting into the fall mood, they are really cute and I always reuse the containers in a million ways! Also the grey ones match my room and each other perfectly!

From Yankee Candle, I got one medium sized candle for 50% with a coupon from retailmenot. It was originally $15.99 and I got it for $8!

This is a very generic fall, cinnamon spice scent. It’s a mix of fresh crisp apples and warm cinnamon, I absolutely love it!

From Bath & Body Works, I got three large, three wick candles for $24. This is a steal because each one is originally $24.50. I got these from the 50% table and used a $10 off $30 coupon. Each candle was $8 and I ended up saving $48!!

This is a great twist on pear, it smells almost like a cake or creamy frosted desert. I was burning this as you can see and it smelt like a bakery with a hint of delicious pear. Really great for Fall or Winter!
This is going to be my go to for Christmas time! It smells exactly like Lush’s Mask of Magniminty or any generic toothpaste. A very sharp, crisp, clean peppermint, I love it.
This one smells like every generic “men’s cologne” candle. They all smell the same to me. Like Abercrombie & Fitch! These scents fill up a room nicely.

Like I said in my video, I’m a broke college student and this might not seem like a huge “haul” to you, but these are going to last me forever, especially because burning them even a little bit a day makes the smell last!

Thank you so much for watching and reading! These candles smell even better because they were so much cheaper! Please check out more posts below! Get ready for fun fall posts! What do you do to transition into fall/winter?


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