Hi blog! I want to rant for a second and I hope you’re okay with that. My numbers have dipped in the last few weeks and I’m not happy. As a millennial, numbers mean everythinggggg. I hate this fact and I try to not focus on number and do what pleases me, but when so many people stop caring, I can’t help but think WHAT THE F IS WRONG WITH ME? Am I boring now? Are my posts not reaching as many people as they used to?

It sucks caring so much about something that should be so insignificant. Numbers don’t matter until they start getting higher, then people crave for them to stay there. I blog because it makes me happy and I will continue to even if 2 people read a post but I’m not going to lie, I feel more inspired when I’m getting more love. People don’t comment anymore and likes go down and you start thinking, whats the point? My favorite part of blogging is connecting with people so when I’m not doing that, it makes me sad.

Do you go through times like this? Where something stagnates then starts declining and it uninspires you? Don’t get me wrong, I still have so much I’m excited to write about the upcoming holidays and series I just started on this page, I just wish other people were excited too.

I am a college student so I don’t have ample amounts of free time to work on my blog or youtube channel. If I did have time to constantly develop my internet presence, I know everything would get more attention. It so hard balancing what you need to do and what you want to do in this world.

I want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for reading this and any other post I’ve ever written. No matter what, I do this because it brings me joy to do it, and I will always try and advance. Stagnation in passion is upsetting when you’re creative. Im going to play around with new subjects and posting at different times to see if that improves the stats. I don’t care about numbers to show off with, I just miss the days when people genuinely enjoyed my posts and I could tell.

Is there anything you want to see me do? Is there a post you truly liked that I should do more of? Leave any feedback, positive or negative, below!

Please check out other posts and hopefully the next one will be a fun, light heart post you’re used to!


15 Replies to “WHAT THE F*** IS WRONG W ME”

  1. Just keep writing don’t worry about the numbers even if it is one person that is inspired by your post. At least you changed one person’s life. It’s about the difference you make in a person’s life not about numbers. The numbers grow eventually anyways.

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  2. As people above mentioned, it’s important to write with your heart. Subjects can vary, tastes of those following your blog as well but the more you write the more your posts will show on people’s reader and the sincere opinion in an article is very important. Also make time to visit some of your followers, from time to time, especially those who like and comment on your posts. Yes, every reader is important and everyone has ups and downs, just keep on going.

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