Feeling stuck…sucks. Feeling stuck as a creative person…sucks way harder. As humans, there are so many times we are going to feel stuck. Whether it is in school, or a job, or a relationship, or just in life generally, it’s inevitable that we all will feel like we’re not progressing at one point.

In this day and age, progress is everything. If someone isn’t moving forward, it feels like they’re are moving backwards. If someone is moving backwards, it feels like your life is over. As a whole, we are impatient and we want success now.

For me, I feel stuck in school. I feel stuck in my creative journey. I remember days when brilliant ideas would come to me for blogs or videos, now all my ideas feel like trash. I know that what needs to be done is to push forward and be patient.

Learning to be truly patient is the only way to get out of being stuck. With time and hard work, things will either work themselves out or fall apart. We can’t fear failure because every success is preceded by dozens of failures.

Now, what I’m going to do is work my butt of these next couple of weeks to finish school strongly, then I’m going to spend my month off working on my blog and Youtube. Here is my to-do break list

  • Edit all my videos from Iran (I went in the summer and still haven’t had the chance to finish them)
  • Write at least TWO Christmas posts a week including DIYs, Decor, Cookies, Gift Guide on a budget/not, Christmas Lights, Christmas movies, and more
  • Reorganize closet
  • Prepare for next semester

So, if you are feeling stuck in any aspect in life, know that you are not alone. We all struggle and we will all get through it. Sometimes things have to get hard before they get easy. Thank you for reading. Please check out more posts. 


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