it’s almost time…

I’m so sorry this post is just going to be a tease…

I’m a college student going through finals right now and I’ve officially finished 2 classes, now I just have 2 more to go and they are easy!

Tomorrow I will FINALLLLLLLYYYYYY get a chance to clean out my closet and get the Christmas tree up! I WILL FINALLY GET THE CHANCE TO DO CHRISTMAS BLOG POSTS!! My heart is bursting with joy!! Oh school, when will you leave me tf alone 🙄

SO get readyyyy!!! I think you guys will really like everything I have planned. I’m sorry I’ve been neglecting blogging these past couple of months but January 2017 was when my blog and ideas started picking up, so hopefully 2018 will be the same 🙂

Some things I have planned are:

Blue Winter Makeup Look

Closet Clean Out

Christmas Tree

Christmas time in downtown Oklahoma City

$1 Christmas Home Decor

Christmas Baking Ideas

Christmas Movies 


I’m going to have time and energy to put my all into these posts so I’m extremely excited! For now, I have to put my energy into finishing school strongly. Thank you so much for bearing with me! I appreciate you more than you’ll ever know ❤ Please check out more posts!


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