Hi blog! And Happy New Year! This is my first post of 2018!

I hope you guys know that time is forever flowing, so don’t set goals that will ultimately fail. You can change up your life and start new projects at any time during the year. It’s attitude that matters! You can’t set a goal in January and then forget it by February. Which is why the gym is so packed at the beginning of the year and empty towards the end, if you truly want to do something, you can do it anytime!

The best part about Christmas to New Year is getting a break. Schools are out, jobs are closed, people get to vacation. My days from after Christmas until now have definitely been shakey, and I’ve needed this break away from school and the internet more than ever.

I had my first experience with death a week ago today. It’s been really surreal and weird to process. I had probably 2-3 days of pure sadness before finally beginning to get through it.

On January 3rd, I flew out to see my sister and hang out with her for a week. I had a connecting flight in Washington D.C. and I had the worst experience there. My flight was at 12:30 PM. It got delayed til 2. We boarded and sat on the plane for an hour, just to be told the flight was cancelled because a crew member didn’t show up. Absolutely devastated, we were deplaned and told that customer service would help us. They offered me a hotel and a flight tomorrow, but I really didn’t want to waste two full days. I told them to put me on standby for a flight at 10 PM and I very luckily got on a seat on that flight. After waiting around for another 6 hours, we boarded the flight, took off, flew for an hour, and then landed back in D.C. because they couldn’t land because of weather. I. Was. Crushed. I could’ve been at the hotel all day long. So I got the hotel, at first they weren’t going to give me a free hotel but luckily the lady I talked to earlier was there and she got it for me, and I got a flight for a different city than my sisters where she could drive an hour and pick me up. In the morning, I overslept and thought I would miss my flight, but luck was on my side and I got there when they were boarding.

The airline I was booked with was United, and I will make a full post about how many problems I’ve had with them soon.

The point of me telling you this isn’t for pity. I have genuinely learned so much from these two experiences this past week and I want to share that with you. 

First, something I have always lived by is to never have expectations. Getting my travel plans all messed up was so hard on me because I had a picture of getting to my sister at lunch time, and spending all day with her. Since that didn’t happen I was extra sad. If I prepared for the worst yet hoped for the best, my day would’ve been much better.

Second, ALWAYS be mentally rested. I’ve been taking these couple weeks not blogging or filming youtube videos once because I knew my mind was overloaded. If I was mentally exhausted and dealing with death and horrible travel, I would’ve broken down.

Third, be mentally prepared. A lot of things in life are out of your control, and not accepting this will hurt you. Instead, prepare yourself for different possibilities so they don’t shock you. Remember that there is good for every bad and vice versa. Think through plans and take every project step by step. Sort through your ideas regularly. Write down thoughts, frustrations, and sadness. Before you do anything, anything at all, make sure you’re physically and mentally prepared.

I can’t explain to you how much I’ve realized this week, but it’s been a very well needed break these past couple weeks. I’m currently at my sister’s playing with her cat, editing videos, writing posts, and getting the creativity flowing. She is in medical school, so I’m going to spend a lot of time this week alone, creating things, and I’m definitely grateful for this time. Being isolated with my blog and youtube is giving me time to put out thought through content I’m proud of.

Hopefully I’ve inspired you to keep your mentality in check. Deal with real life and issues and never push through when you’re mentally exhausted, because you will break. 

I haven’t been happy with my blog lately so I’m excited that I’m getting so many ideas. I have a lot of really intense, deep, scary topics I want to talk about and also lots of fun, makeup related, life related, posts coming too! I know you guys will enjoy them!

Here’s to a great new year! I’ve had a rough start to the year, so I’m sure everything will only look up from here! 2017 was a great year for me personally and I have a feeling this year will be even better for all of us! Thank you so much for reading! Hope to see you back soon ❤



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