Hi guys. So today I just want to rant to you, because I’ve had enough. I travel frequently and anytime I see that the flight booked is United Airlines, I know something is going to go wrong. I genuinely don’t remember the last I have flown with them with zero problems. There’s always rude employees, bad service, cancellations, rebookings, overbookings, delays, and the list goes on and on. I decided to use my platform and voice on this blog to get my message out about them and maybe hear from some of you that have had bad experiences with the company.

So, a couple weeks ago I was traveling to see my sister. I had a connecting flight in Washington DC, and the first flight went smoothly. The second flight was scheduled to take off at 12:30 PM and I would get to my destination at 2. Perfect timing to get to my destination, have lunch, and spend that whole day with my sister, right? WRONG.

The flight delayed for 2 hours. They gave no explanation, but kept pushing the flight time further and further. At 2 PM, they had everybody board the flight. We boarded, and waited for about an hour to an hour and a half, after which we were told to “deplane” because the flight got delayed til 4:30. They gave very vague reasons for the flights problems. We got off the plane and waited around for another 2 hours. Around 4, they told us the flight was cancelled because a crew member didn’t show up.

They sent everyone to customer service and gave everyone a free hotel for the night and a seat out the next day. I was devastated because my sister, who I was going to visit, is in medical school and only had a couple days off for us to hang out all day, and I lost that first day with her. The lady that helped me at the customer service desk was really helpful and nice. There was another flight to my sister’s city at 10 PM, but that flight was booked up. I decided to just take a risk and get a standby ticket on the 10 PM flight because I didn’t want to lose another day too. I was lucky enough to get a seat on thay flight.

After waiting around for another 6 hours, my sister called. She said it was snowing really hard in her city and she thought the flight would be cancelled. I talked to the people at United and they assured me that the flight would go through as scheduled. We boarded and took off. I couldn’t believe I had actually gotten out! Some things are too good to be true…and this was one of them. After flying for literally an hour and a half, the captain informed us that we were going back to DC because he couldn’t land due to snow.

I. Was. Crushed.

We landed back in DC and it’s around midnight now. I started traveling around 5:30 AM so I was over tired and sad at this point. I could have been at the hotel all day and been exploring DC instead of sad and in an airport for a million hours. I go back to the customer service people to figure out my next step.

The two people helping me were VERY rude. I told them my situation, and they wouldn’t listen. They kept emphasizing how the flight was cancelled due to weather, and since they can’t control it, I don’t get a free hotel. I kept emphasizing that I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THERE 10 HOURS AGO BUT I’M HERE INSTEAD BECAUSE A STUPID EMPLOYEE FROM YOUR STUPID COMPANY WAS IRRESPONSIBLE AND DIDN’T CARE ABOUT HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE’S LIVES SO HE DIDN’T SHOW UP!!! The people helping me were so rude, they kept saying stuff like “well, you can always sleep in the airport” or “you can pay for the hotel or stand here until your flight.”

I understand not empathizing with customers, but the least you can do is not be a fucking dick. Traveling is already terrible and people that make it harder are just so mean. Please, at least listen and hear me out. Luckily, the sweet, amazing lady helping me earlier stepped in and told the other two assholes that I had been there all day and they do owe me a hotel because it’s there fucking fault I’m still here and not at my destination. Bless that woman. I got to my hotel around 1:30 AM.

So all the flights to my sisters city were booked by that point and I had to fly to a city an hour and a half away and drive to my sister the next morning. Thanks United!!

I have so many more stories of United Airlines ruining my entire travel day. One time me and my mom were running to catch a flight. I make it and she’s right behind me. They refuse to hold the door open for her even though she’s literally 8 feet away and the flight was leaving early. They overbook flights all the time. And not to mention when they literally dragged a customer out of their seat in 2017. They desperately need a new CEO or a new employee training guide. God, I hate this company.

On the way back, I flew Delta. I was shocked by their hospitality and how nice the staff was. It was so refreshing.

So my lovely readers, avoid this airline if possible. I will literally pay hundreds of more dollars to get another airline and ensure people will at least be nice to me. Please, comment below if you have any bad experiences with United Airlines.

Thank you for ready, please check out more posts, and remember, never ever ever fly United. 



  1. What an awful experience! Flying is so expensive (economy or first class) and it’s unbelievable the service you can be given now. I think flying in general is becoming worse – apart from Emirates who I always hear great things about.
    I’ve been in a situation before with Virgin where they left us delayed for hours and hours. Then we get on the plane and again got delayed because of paperwork. Customer service being bad on top is just enough to make you want to scream at them. I will definitely be aware of your recommendation. I hope you had a good time after all this.

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