Simple Glasses Makeup Look :)


Hi beauties! Feels so good to be back blogging after taking basically this whole month off! I wanted to share this video with you guys of a very simple yet pretty glasses look! I feel like this look is a great way to change up your daily look, with minimal makeup. I hope you enjoy!

All I did here was primer, foundation, powder, eyelashes, and lipstick, and I really enjoyed how it looked. It was easy to throw on and made me feel much more put together and attractive! I recommend anyone with glasses to try this when you want to zhush it up!

I’ll be back to posting regular, full length posts and posting on a schedule probably next month! I need a little more time to re-motivate myself and come up with a few more really good post ideas and I’ll be back!

I post short, lifestyle and sometimes makeup videos on Youtube and I post there more regularly, so subscribe to me on youtube if you’re interested in keeping up!

Thank you for reading! Please check out more content below! 


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