remotivating yourself

Heeeelloooo blog. How are you all doing?? I’ve missed you! I want to take a second to make this post and tell you where my head has been. This isn’t the usual entertaining post! It’s been a while since I’ve done a “diary” like post just putting out how I feel so this is it! If you’re looking for something more fun, check out some other posts!

So I’ve been pretty inactive this month due to many different things. I had a death in the family, I was traveling, I was editing a bunch of videos, I was hanging out with family and friends, I was working extra to make up for vacation times, and more. Then school started, and I really didn’t have time to blog. Alas, these are all excuses. If there was something I truly wanted to write, I would have written it. It’s not that I haven’t had good ideas either. My notes are bursting with ideas for blog posts and videos. I have post ideas that I know will get views and love but I just haven’t cared enough to write them. I remember being excited to put together a blog and seeing the final product, lately I just haven’t felt that.

I don’t want to blog if I feel forced or just to try to hold on to a fleeting audience. I want to blog to document, to teach, to get my word out, and to make things that proudly represent me. I want to blog for fun in my free time, not stay up late putting together something unworthy. I want to build a healthy community around my blog and maintain that. I have a lot of goals for this blog and I want to move forward with them.

With all that being said, I am starting to get back the want to blog, the want to take nice pictures and share with you my thoughts, my reviews, my likes and dislikes, and all that stuff. Here are a few things I did to help re-motivate myself. These can be applied to any part of life, not just blogging. 

  1. Spend time not blogging but studying other blogs instead. Seeing the passion and themes in other people’s writing motivated me to find my own. This is a great way to find out what you don’t want to do as well. Also seeing so many blogs inspired me to freshen mine up and make it look nicer.
  2. Actually take a break. When you feel burnt out of something you once loved, whether its a hobby, a relationship, or anything, stay away from it for a while. Figure out what it actually brings to your life and if that’s positive or negative. Figure out what you can change to find happiness.
  3. Look back at your best work. Your “best work” doesn’t necessarily have to be the work that got the most attention, but go back and looked at the work you did when you were happier and compare it to what you do now. You’ll probably notice a difference in enthusiasm and writing. You don’t have to go back to writing how you used to, but this can help you understand yourself.
  4. Be genuine. A lot of the time, people get tired of something because it turns fake. For example, you could spend years blogging about cooking because you love it and get stable views, but then post about makeup and get thousands of views. Now, you start writing about makeup more and more and while your numbers may be going up, your happiness is going down. Instead of doing this and burning out, stick to doing what you love. You might get less views, but your actual life and mental state will be happier, and so will your real fans. With time, when you’re real, your community will grow around you.
  5. Make a list of ideas. Taking a break from something is the perfect time to reevaluate what you want and brainstorm new ideas. Having a list of topics you’re interested in makes it easier to make content again and again.
  6. Focus on positives and get rid of negatives. If you find something in your life brings you more negativity than positivity, purge it. If something or someone continuously gives you bad energy, you have no choice but to stop. You have to realize this. If you take a break and realize your life is better without that thing, that’s fine, now you know. If you take a break and can’t wait to get back, then you know it actually makes you happy and you should pursue it.

Thank you so much for reading! Please check out more posts! I hope you are as excited to read my upcoming posts as I am to write them!


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