my goals

Hi blog 🙂 I wanted to hop on here and share a few of my life goals with you guys, so you can know me better, and so I can document this here and see how many of these goals I can actually reach. In my opinion, you should work towards your goals more than speaking about them but hopefully putting this energy out into the universe will return it to me one day. Just for reference, I am currently 20!

I’m going to break my goals down by years to make them a little more realistic.

5 year goals

  1. Move out of Oklahoma- I’m so glad I was born and raised in the South but I have always been ready for better things, preferably urban cities with beaches close by.
  2. Step into the world of Public Relations- I’m a Communication major and I want to start my career in Public Relations, preferably in the Fashion or Entertainment industry. I think this will be the perfect way to network, learn about brand building, and gain experience before trying to build my own brand. I’m currently looking for an internship if you can help me out!! haha
  3. Get a patent for my app ideas- I have a couple of ideas I would like to patent before someone else does!
  4. Develop my app ideas and begin working on a project- I have one project/business idea in mind that I think is genius, the only problem is executing it. I would also like to code or find a team to code my app ideas.
  5. Go to Fashion Week- My dream fashion week would be Paris, but New York would be nice too. How I dream of dressing up in my best clothes and being inspired by event after event.
  6. Travel as much as possible- What better time than your early 20s to travel and experience life.

10 year goals

  1. Dogs- I want to be at a point in life where I can afford, have space for, and time for as many dogs as I want. This opportunity will be down the road, but I’m still very excited for it.
  2. Launch Clothing Brand- I dream of having a clothing brand that is priced like Forever 21 but with actual cute, trendy clothes. I want it to be inclusive and unisex and I already have so many ideas for it. Just have to spend some time making money and knowledge of the industry. I would also love to eventually branch into doing higher fashion, mainly intricate bags and jackets.
  3. Decide where I want to settle and build a house- Like I said before, I’m excited about moving out of Oklahoma soon but I’m still not exactly sure where I’m going to go. I’m excited to figure out what city works for me and start building a house there. Building a house isn’t actually that expensive and since I know exactly what I want, if I’m able to build my home I definitely will. Home is super important to me so I can’t wait to have my own.
  4. Start a foundation with sister- I would love to start a foundation for animals with my sister. She is becoming a doctor and I would love to work with her one day and bring something good to the world.
  5. Make movies- One of my biggest dreams is producing or directing a movie/show/theatrical production. I love behind the scenes work and attention to detail so I would have so much fun working on a movie. I also think there is a huge lack of women in the movie industry in general, but especially producers and directors so I would love to inspire other women by pursuing these roles.

Life Goals

  1. Happiness- The only thing I truly seek from my daily life is to be happy. I want to wake up every day secure, loved, and able to help others, and I’ll be content.
  2. Children- I have always dreamed of having kids and will continue to until it happens. I think children are the most amazing challenge in the world and I can’t wait for the love and fun they bring to my life.
  3. Help others- I hope whatever line of work I fall into will allow me to help, employ, inspire, direct, and just connect with others. If I can make one person’s day better every day, I will have everything I’ve ever wanted.
  4. Give parents a house and trips- I would love to give back to my parents for everything they have done by providing them with a home and taking them on many trips. I hope I am able to afford to bring my parents on trips with me and my children, those will be some of my favorite memories.

I obviously have many other goals than this, but I hope you enjoyed that post! Let me know what you thought. I love your comments and miss interacting with you 😦 Thanks for reading! Check out more posts.


4 Replies to “my goals”

  1. “with beaches close by” – I so understand 😉
    Wishing you the very best in the following of your dreams/goals 🏁

    There’s sure to be some thrills and chills while riding on the roller 🎢 coaster of life. Hold on tight! It’s one heck of a ride and goes a lot faster than you think ❤☮

    Liked by 1 person

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