an update

Hi guys! You probably haven’t noticed or cared, but since school started this semester, I haven’t been able to blog basically at all. Around Christmas, I took a break and since then I’ve just been super busy, constantly going to work or school. I have been much more active on my youtube channel though because I find it easier to shoot and edit a video than typing and editing a blog post. I do really want to get back into blogging more, I have a huge list of fun post ideas, so here’s an update on what I’ve been up to!

I’ve recently decided what I want to seriously pursue, which is a huge deal! There is so much pressure when you’re in college to figure out what you want to do and to start working towards it but this isn’t always realistic! A lot of people have no idea what they want to do with their life even after college, which is completely okay! Go with the flow and you’ll figure it out eventually! I’m relieved to say I finally found a plan.

I’m in a really happy place! I am happier than I have ever been and I can only hope that happiness keeps increasing. I have a few things coming up in the next couple of years like moving out of my state and potentially starting a serious long-term relationship and that is super exciting for me. Two things I have always wanted are within reach!

I am turning 21 in a couple weeks which is a big deal in the United States because I can finally (legally) drink! It’s so crazy that I’m hitting this milestone because this is it, I can now officially call myself a full adult legally. I’m just excited to be able to get a glass of white wine at dinner!

My family and I recently took a trip to Cancún. There was my family, my grandmother, my brother and his family, and my uncle and his family. This was our second time going to Cancún and our first time traveling as such a big group and I’m happy to say everything went well and our experience this time was actually much better than last time! It’s really hard to travel with eleven people and not have problems so we were lucky. I’ll make a full review of my hotel and excursions soon, but here are my videos from that trip!





Thank you guys so much for reading my words and hearing my thoughts. Please check out more posts! I will be coming back to you guys hopefully very soon with an in-depth review of my hotel and experience and tips for any of you that want to go to Cancún one day.  Follow me on instagram if you want frequent updates on me and subscribe to my youtube channel for more content!

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