Hi guys! Melange of Words tagged me in this tag and I thought it was so fun! I usually don’t do tags but I love the questions she asked me. I tag all of you to do it and tag me!

Here are the rules:

  1. Write a new blog post thanking the person who nominated you, a link to their blog, and to put in a graphic of the award.
  2. Answer the questions that the nominee provides, and then share some facts about yourself.
  3. Create a new set of your own questions for others to answer.
  4. Nominate others and share your blog post with them so they can accept their award.

What color do you think best represents your personality?

I have to go with black. Not only is it my favorite color, but it’s such a fluid color. It goes with every other color and it’s so beautiful and bold yet subtle. It’s not really in your face or statement-making but it’s intimidating. It’s a great supporting color but it also makes a statement on its own and that all describes me in a weird way.

What’s your zodiac sign?

Aries and boy am I an Aries. I have so many characteristics and traits that Aries are known to have like starting a million projects and taking time to finish them, I’m confident, passionate, and determined but also moody, impulsive, and aggressive. I love reading and learning about horoscopes and star alignments and things like that. I don’t 100% believe or follow everything and I think everyone can get along despite their zodiac signs but I still think there is truth to it.

What are three things that you love about yourself?

Don’t take any of this as me being cocky. The first thing I love about myself is that I’m a risk taker. I’ve never feared independence or doing exciting things. I’m not talking about taking risks like jumping out of airplanes or riding roller coasters, more like I’m not afraid to pick up my whole life and move or I’m not afraid to travel or accept adventures. Life is too short! The second thing is I’m relaxed. Kinda going off the last thing, I’m just down for anything. If something doesn’t go the way it was planned, it’s no big deal, I can turn it around and make it fun. I don’t stress about little things and I try to make every situation lighter. If an emergency is happening, I’m able to stay calm and be helpful instead of just screaming. The last thing is that I have a childlike spirit and I love it. I’m great with kids because of this. I’m very much an adult and I love adult things but I also will always always always love cartoons, disneyland, and just running around like a kid. I dream so big just like a little kid. This makes me so happy because I haven’t lost my creativity.

What’s your favorite dessert?

I love all desserts so it depends on my mood! I love Key Lime Pie or Lemon Meringue Pie when I want something tangy but I also love a chocolate cake. My favorite dessert of all time, any time would have to be a warm cookie/cake/brownie with ice cream on top. There’s something about that warm cake and cold vanilla ice cream that works too perfectly.

Do you workout? If yes, what do you like to do?

I definitely don’t work out as much as I want to but when I do, I like to feel like I’m not working out. My favorite workouts are hitting a heavy bag, jumping rope, and squatting with weights. I bought gloves for $10 and a heavy bag for $50 from Walmart and hung it to a tree in my yard. I need to workout my arms but lifting weights, pull-ups, or pushups seriously hurt my palms. The heavy bag is perfect because I get a full body workout and it’s fun to punch something honestly! It also helps with balance. Jumping rope is super cheap and an awesome cardio and leg workout. You can time yourself or jump rope while you watch TV.  I try to at least do squats with a weight every day, to get my heart rate up and move my arms and legs. 

What is the most worn clothing item in your closet?

Currently, it’s this light pink Adidas Crew Neck Sweater I got from the men’s section. I’ve loved wearing it during the cold seasons but it’s about to warm up soon so I have to put it up 😦

What are your top 3 ‘ride or die’ beauty products?

Mascara, lip product, perfume. I don’t feel put together without them.

What is your favorite season, and why?

My favorite season is Spring. I feel like most people say “Winter” because Christmas or “Summer” because vacation and warmth but I looove spring. It’s so beautiful, the weather is just right (most of the time), there are flowers everywhere, and it’s just a good season. 

Statement earrings or bold lipstick?

I love both but I can’t go without earrings and I haven’t worn a bold lip in a while. I’ve been more into nude lips and subtle earrings but of the two options I’d have to go with earrings (the teenaged me is shocked).

What is your current favorite song?

I don’t have one! What’s yours?

5 Facts about me:

I’m a pretty good cook. I made coconut cilantro rice today with butternut coconut chicken curry and it was amazing.

I love reading.

I love pillows.

I don’t like how the school system is but I love learning.

Harry Potter has a place in my heart forever.

My questions:

What are your thoughts on education?

What’s a list of your all time favorite shows?

What’s your favorite media/entertainment outlet (netflix, youtube, directtv, etc)?

What’s your favorite food genre (Mexican, Chinese, Ethiopian, etc)?

What was your childhood like?

Do you believe in the paranormal?

What’s your favorite natural environment (mts, ocean, lakes, woods, caves, etc)?

What’s the best place you’ve ever vacationed to?

Have you ever been in love?

What’s one thing you have passion for?

Hope you guys enjoyed! Answer my questions and tag me in the post so I see it! Please check out more posts. 


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