how to get perfect long natural nails

Hi everybody! Today I want to write about something very special to me, my nails. I have struggled with brittle, breaking nails for a long time, and I’m so happy to finally have them maintained to how I like them. It’s so much easier for me to keep them natural and long instead of constantly getting manicures. If you are interested in having long, clean, natural nails, here’s how I did it!

Oil and moisture

Probably the most critical part of having good nails is keeping them moisturized. Every time you wash your hands, wash the dishes, take a shower, or just get your hands wet, your nails lose moisture and become extremely weak and vulnerable to breaking. KEEPING NAILS DRY IS KEY! It’s important to dry your hands completely and continuously use lotion or oil on your hands. Specifically, before bed, rub your nails with oil and make sure you get under the nail. You can use any oil, but jojoba oil is ideal for nails.

File your nails once a week

This is another very important tip. The tops of your nails are the weakest part of them so if you don’t file them away, they will just get weaker and more likely to break. You don’t have to file them down any shorter but just file them a little bit each week with the file going in the same direction to keep them as strong as possible and maintain shape.

Lay off the nail polish for a while

I used to have to worst, most brittle nails. It wasn’t until I stopped wearing nail polish for a while that they began growing and be strong. Now I just don’t wear nail polish because I love the natural nail look and nail polish is full of toxins. This is a personal choice, but I do recommend not wearing nail polish for a while to let your nails get air. Nail polish stains nails, so it’s best to either chose to be nail polish free or nail polish all the time!


Healthy, clean nails give other people a sign that you are clean and healthy yourself. If you keep up with cleaning your nails, it’s really easy to keep them bright. You can use a toothbrush to scrub the under part if they are super dirty, but don’t scrub them often because it weakens them. Just use soap in your hands and scrub your nails against your palm everytime you shower and you should be good.


Often, brittle nails are a sign of vitamin or nutrition deficiency. Try changing your diet to have more minerals and vitamins to support nail growth and an overall healthy lifestyle.


Some people have nails that grow faster than others, but we all need patience for good nails. If you change your diet, it’ll take months to see the results in your nails and hair. If you break a nail, it takes a few months to get the length back. Just have patience and keep your nails healthy and you too can have beautiful nails naturally.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING MY POST! Let me know if you liked it and check out more posts!

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      1. It’s true but the way I was dishes they may be strong but not beautiful! Even as I type I have chipped nail vanish back in the day that would have been a big No no for me but now ‘who’s got time’ lol

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