Hi guuys! Today I wanted to show you what’s in my purse. I love these, so I hope you do too! I’ll just get into it!


My go to bag is this Ralph Lauren one at the moment. I don’t mind spending a little more on purses because I’m really aggressive with them and use them often so I want them to keep their look. This one was around $270 so not in the thousands but still really good quality. I personally prefer totes over shoulder bags even though shoulder bags are much more functional.


I usually choose my purses based on the inside. I like bucket style purse with not many compartments but lots of pockets.


This little outside pocket is what makes this purse my favorite. It makes my keys, wallet, and headphones so easily accessible which makes my life much easier.


Charms are an easy way to personalize your bag and make it unique. I love this one from Fossil.


I always carry my laptop with me because you never know when you will need it. I have a small Macbook Air so it’s light and easy to tote around.


I always have my agenda with me to stay organized! This helps me plan my life.


I don’t care how old you are, coloring is super relaxing and an easy way to get creative. Sometime’s I’m really, really bored and having this little coloring book is very useful.


I prefer small wallets so I can just put it in my pocket when I’m not carrying a purse. The tile is a bluetooth device that makes a noise when I lose my keys, super helpful! My smores wallet is from Fossil.


My phone is always dead, must have my charge!


My headphones are crucial for work or school. I love these noise cancelling ones from Bose.


I don’t carry much makeup at all, I just must have my lipstick, mascara, and chapstick on hand!


I throw my miscellaneous items into a pouch so it isn’t floating around my bag. I like to have a back up lipgloss and set of earphones just in case, a perfume, glasses cleaning cloth, pens, and lotion. I also carry a little nail set because I always need to file or clip something. I carry string because I can thread facial hair and sometimes people randomly need it.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Please let me know if you did and check out my other post below! I post every Wednesday and Saturday so please check back if you enjoyed!

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