20 lessons I’ve learned in 20 years

Happy Birthday to me 🙂  Today, April 15, 2017, is my 20th birthday. I can’t believe I have lived two decades and I can’t believe I’m entering my last decade of being a young person :’) I’m kidding, age is only a number, but it’s really crazy to think about all the things that are going to happen to me in my twenties, and I’m so very excited to see where this life takes me. I wanted to share twenty things I have learned in life so far to celebrate my twenty years of life. I hope you enjoy!

  1. Be cautious of who you trust. If someone cares about you for at least 2 years and is real that whole time, they are a true friend/companion. Fall in love with someone for who they actually are not who they seem to be. 
  2. Food. Is. Everything.
  3. Never let milk boil without watching it. It will boil over so fast. Also don’t put aluminum in the microwave, but you should know that.
  4. Beauty 100% comes from the inside. 
  5. Fashion is something that is really important to me. It’s an outward expression of who you are and it’s so personal how everyone differs. 
  6. Taking your time to do things will ALWAYS be better. Marriage, kids, projects, getting a good job, all good things take time. Never be afraid to take risks but patience is a virtue.
  7. There are SOOOOO many fake people in this world and it’s sad.
  8. Generalizing and categorizing people is pointless because every individual person and family has their own way of doing things.
  9. They’re watching us and we have to keep our eyes open. Nows a good time to read up on your George Orwell kids. 
  10. Traveling can change any persons life. Saving up to travel before settling down in life is something I will do and recommend because traveling gives you a new perspective of the world. 
  11. Being passionate about what you’re going to do is more important than just doing it for stability, you can have your passion and a job or have your passion as a job, just don’t lose your passion. Happiness is the key to a good life and only you know what makes you truly happy. 
  12. Don’t have weed in your car. If you get pulled over, and the police smell it, you’re screwed. 
  13. Putting positive energy out will bring it back to you and on the flip side, being negative will bring negativity back to you. Karma is real.
  14. Living life without expectations will absolutely make you happier and make everything you go through easier to handle. 
  15. Your mom, and family in general, but mom specifically, love you so very much and they can be your best friends.
  16. Being creative is important and there are a million ways to do it.
  17. Disneyland is truly magical.
  18. I’m extremely millennial. I take notes on my iPhone 7+ instead of pen and paper, I love the convenience of getting any food/groceries delivered, I love the internet, I love that I can turn my lights off through my phone, and I think we are the smartest generation to ever live because of the sole fact that we grew up googling any question we had and instantly getting an answer. If older generations were curious about something, they would forget about it in two seconds but when we’ve been curious about something we had the internet to turn to and learn all about it. Sorry I just went on a rant but a lot of people like to call millennials stupid and lazy and I’m tired of it. I’m sticking up for my generation because I love how accepting and innovative we are and nobody can make me feel bad about it!
  19. Adult acne is REAL and acne is all about genetics, you can’t get good skin through products alone. 
  20. I love my beautiful life and I can’t wait to go on more adventures, meet new people, and keep growing and changing as a person. I have learned that success is not an entitlement and it has to be earned. I have learned to be humble, to not speak my goals but to make them happen, to be confident, to love myself despite whatever nasty things someone says about me, and to just be happy  🙂

I hope you guys enjoyed that! Please like it if you did! I post every Tuesday and Saturday so please check back if you enjoyed!

36 Replies to “20 lessons I’ve learned in 20 years”

  1. The only thing I’d say for a very smart 20 yr old. Is you can’t know Orwell and think Disney is magical. But other than that your an extremely together lady! Could teach a few old dogs new tricks

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    1. Haha thank you so much but I think you can think both! Especially when you’re a crazy conspiracy theorist but you love amusement park rides and churros hahaha. Disney is definitely sketchy and has way too much power and control, but a day at Disneyland is still a wonderful experience 🙂

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  2. I’m with you on the Millennials bit. First and foremost, I believe each generation was created for a specific purpose. It’s a blessing to learn from each. Personally, I have learned and grown being open to the brilliance of every generation, including but not limited to my own. Generalizing and categorizing sucks!!!

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  3. Happy Birthday lovely!!! I love all your points, they are all soooo true!! I loved the weed one haha 😂😂😂 Awesome post, and you are beautiful by the way, never forget that 💜

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