15 ways to increase BLOG TRAFFIC and a HUGE Thank You

Hello dear friends ❤ I have been meaning to write this post for a while but time just keeps moving too fast for me. I feel like the weeks fly by and I’m just constantly busy and racing to keep up! I want to thank guys for the overwhelming response to my blog recently. I have only been blogging for about 4 months now and in the first month of 2017, my views nearly tripled what they were in the previous 3 months, my likes and comments grew 5x, and doing this only became more fun! My numbers are by no means huge, but they are huge for me. I started this blog as a kind of virtual diary and a hobby where I can just kill time and get my ideas out there, I never ever expected that people would 1. Read and then 2. Actually enjoy my blog posts. I couldn’t believe it when I hit 1000 views and 100 followers and now here I am only a couple weeks later and I’m almost at 2000 views and 300 followers. Again, I know my numbers aren’t high, but for me they are, and I don’t care. I simply can’t believe so many people read something I thought only me and my closest friends sometimes would see.

I’m surprised to see that some of my most popular posts are my more personal ones, which is weird to me! I would think you guys would be more interested in makeup or fun related things than me. In the first month of the year, I got asked to do my first guest blog post, which was such an honor. I’ve interacted with a bunch of you and you are so insightful and amazing, the blogging community is unlike any other social community. You guys are so nice and critical in a non hateful way, and we interact so personally like friends. I just love it, it truly makes my day. I’ve found a wonderful hobby that I enjoy and am getting a positive response to and that means everything to me. I dream of being a social entrepreneur, so blogging, branding myself, and interacting with you guys truly helps shape me for my future. It has helped me believe in myself more. I can not thank you for reading, enjoying, and interacting with me, it truly means the world. I love you guys so very much.

I love the fact that I can reach out to an international audience by blogging. You have no idea how much it means to me when I see all the different countries you come from! I still love my U.S. readers of course, it’s just cool having international readers!

Now into how to get more blog traffic! You aren’t going to getting an instant growth overnight in the blogging world, so don’t expect that. Gaining views takes time and hopefully with the right tricks increases overtime. Here’s a few tips to help you with that! A reader of mine went through some of my old posts and looking back at them is crazy how much I have learned about blogging in a few short months and how much my writing has improved, I cannot wait to learn more!

  1. Be yourself

    – Cliché, I know, but blog about things you have passion for and be you! Talk like you would to a friend and don’t talk about something you don’t know much about.

  2. Link related posts to each other

    – The best way to get people to click on more of your posts is to make it easy for them! If somebody enjoyed your writing and wants more, this is awesome for them and you. Link throughout your post and/or the end.

  3. Figure out your strong points

    – After blogging for a couple of months, you can see what kind of posts people view the most from you. Be yourself and write what you want, but if you want to up your view, write posts that you know will get clicks and link them to each other!

  4. Invite others to guest write for you, write for them

    – This is a great way to increase your audience and give your readers good new blogs to read. Simply ask someone if they would like to collaborate with you and write for you so you can write for them! Sometime people will ask, and take the opportunity. Again, your audience is probably similar so this is a really great way to gain traffic over time. Link your posts in your guest post!

  5. Make posts that live on

    – If you want views, try to write in a way that will live on and always be good advice/conversation. Of course, you can use your blog as a personal diary, this will probably just not get as many view over time.

  6. Gripping titles/pictures

    – Humans are all about visual stimulation, so think of titles that make people want to click and learn about whatever you’re writing. Make sure you use vivid pictures that kind of give a preview of whatever you’re going to talk about, look for the right picture, don’t just use the first thing that comes up.

  7. Bolding key points

    – Bold important points in a longer paragraphs to get the attention of those skimming. Also, bold headings. Remember that we love visuals.

  8. Using key words

    – Using basic words in your titles and excerpts makes it more likely to come up when searching.Try going on Google and start searching whatever you’re writing about, and you can see certain words being searched, use them to make your post more relatable.

  9. Quality over quantity

    – Don’t worry about pumping out posts, keep a a list on your phone or paper of post ideas and write what you want when you have time. If you can make time for posting on a schedule, do so! I wish I had time but I never know when I can post and when I can’t. I just write naturally when an idea is in my head, hopefully one day I can have a schedule.


    – Share on your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, or make social media specifically for your blog! PINTREST IS EVERYTHING FOR BLOGGERS. You need to have pin-worthy pictures for this and then pin your pin to multiple boards and repin them now and then. Hopefully people will click on the picture and your blog title will pull them into reading.

  11. Following similar bloggers

    – Seek out blogs similar to yours and follow them! It’s that simple. They might be interested in your posts and follow back.

  12. Link your posts in similar posts’ comments

    – If you read a post that is similar to something you have written, leave a comment with your post linked! 9/10 the blog writer will be interested in reading your post, and maybe someone else will read that comment one day and be interested too.

  13. Spending time on other’s blogs

    – I like to take an hour or two every couple of weeks to just go through my followers and favorite bloggers posts, and like and comment on the things I enjoy. This makes them want to do the same and see what I can entertain them with. I also just love reading your blog posts, they inspire me and I love your incite. If you have time to do this daily, that’s great too!

  14. Break out of your comfort zone

    – Don’t be afraid to post out of the ordinary, you may be surprised by the results. What I think will be my less popular posts are sometimes my most. Even if you post something different and some don’t like it, it’s your blog and you can do what you want with it, you can only grow and change by actually doing so.

  15. Make your page aesthetically pleasing

    – Change up your page now and then and make it easy to navigate. I love pretty blog pages that are easily to search through. If I have a hard time getting around your blog, I won’t spend as much time on it!

Thank you guys so much for reading! Please let me know what some of your tips to getting traffic are below and let me know if this post helped you! I love critic and interacting with you guys, thank you so so very much for your amazing support! Feel free to leave a comment if you want me to check out your blog or if you want to collab with me!

54 Replies to “15 ways to increase BLOG TRAFFIC and a HUGE Thank You”

  1. Good to know (y)

    Have read your few posts and they really mean same way what you want to convey….

    Nice blogs 🙂

    And also fits to your about page. 🙂 ^-^

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  2. I always hear good things about Pinterest though I haven’t tried it yet. I’ll have to try it later.

    Anyway, one of my main sources of traffic is StumbleUpon. If you have a good article, it can easily generate more than a thousand referrals. One of my articles gained more than 5000 referrals in just a few days. As long as people “like” your article, it would continuously generate views. However, if very few people “liked” it, then the algorithm will bury the article and it won’t generate views…

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      1. Ok.

        Be careful with SU though. If you only share your content, then the algorithm will mark your site as spam. While the ratio is not really known, sharing one of your posts then 3 posts from other sites worked for me. Also, you have to use the “stumble” function a few times once in a while and you can like or dislike the sites that you stumble since this will show that. It’s a really useful function for finding great sites.


    1. Thank you so much for reading and I’m so glad you like it! I struggle a lot with that too cause I post twice a week and sometimes I really can’t think of anything. My advice is to not force a post because it probably won’t be your best work and it’s not worth putting out something you’re not proud of. I keep a list of things to write about on my phone but sometimes nothing on the list sounds fun to write at the moment. When I can’t think of inspo, I honestly just look at my surroundings and think of something that excited me or got me thinking recently and write about it. Like yesterday I couldn’t think of what to write so I looked around, saw my purse, and thought a “whats in my purse” would be fun to write, the day before I saw my makeup and thought a makeup collection would be cool. Sometimes something is happening in the world or media that I like to put out my opinion on. Sometimes I just want to spread positivity or a good message. I like my blog to kind of be a journey through my life and grow and change with me, so I get inspired by just showing the world my stuff, opinions, and life in a way that’s not showing off but just showing how I think and live life. So be yourself, try to keep a short list of things you could write, and write like you’re talking to a friend to invite people to read more. Also, don’t always just worry about posting for views, post things that you want to look back on and be proud of, the views come with realness! Thanks again and I hope this helped ❤

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  3. Thanks for this, really useful for me, I’m very new to blogging. I’d never considered Pinterest, why is it useful in your opinion? Blog post perhaps (u may have done one already, I’ll check,🙂). Do u think Pinterest would be good for the focus of my blog? http://Www.thehappybodyco.wordpress.com I’d really appreciate 2 mins of ur time, probably a cheeky ask, but you obviously have good knowledge to share. I’m time poor as working mum as well as training in my craft, so I need to be smart with my choice of tools.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. pintrest is great because it’s super easy to pin your blog posts on there and then anyone who looks up something that relates to it could be able to find it and read it! If they “pin” your post, more people will see it. It’s a great way to circulate posts for ever. I think you should definitely try it out! As a mom, there are a million cooking, diy, organization, etc. articles on pintrest that could help you! I know you will love it so give it a look https://www.pinterest.com/rosehesami/?eq=rose%20h&etslf=3697

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