THE SALAD DIET/DETOX (really works)

Hi guys! I’m excited to share this detox that I did last week with you guys! Basically, I ate nothing but salad for a full week. There are many reasons to do a detox or diet including wight loss, issues with certain organs, to generally fell better and less sluggish, and the list goes on! I personally did this because I was craving fatting, sugary foods everyday for a while, and I needed it to stop. A full detox would be 21 days, I only did a third of that. Even though I wasn’t doing this to lose weight, I lost 3 lbs or about 1 and a half kilograms in that short time! I didn’t find this on the internet or anything, I just decided to do it and I loved it so I had to share!

This is relatively easy to do because you can make a huge bowl of salad and eat throughout the day, and limiting yourself to only salad made it easy to know what to reach for when you’re hungry. I enjoyed this because I’m really indecisive so I finally knew what to eat when I was hungry. I ate as much as I wanted and also put whatever I wanted on the salad, except carbs. Also, you can get creative and personal with every salad you make. You can still go out to eat with friends too, just order a salad! I also didn’t cut out fruit or yogurt so when I craved something sweet, I would reach for that!

This is a great way to get your body to feel and look better relatively quickly. By just cutting out carbs and artificial sugar for a short amount of time, your tummy will feel way flatter. Waking up and getting through the day in general is much easier when you aren’t being weighed down by carbs. It’s really all about giving your body a break from overloading it with bad stuff for a while. 

I don’t like to think of an eating change as a “diet” because that makes it much harder. Mentality is everything. I knew this was my personal decision and it was only a short time out of my life which made it easy to not reach for carbs. Think of it as a lifestyle change and something that’s necessary to make you body the best it can be. If you feel great physically, you’ll feel great mentally!

I go into more detail about this in my video so check that out! Don’t forget to subscribe!!

If you’re interested in trying this, here are the groceries I got to prepare! You can get whatever vegetables are your favorite and mix it up!

Grocery list

  • box of kale mix
  • box of spinach mix
  • lettuce
  • cherry tomatoes
  • green beans
  • sweet potato
  • black beans
  • plain greek yogurt
  • honey greek yogurt
  • turkey bacon
  • chicken
  • shrimp
  • parmesan
  • blue cheese
  • light caesar dressing

If you need inspiration for salads in general, here are almost all the ones I made! The important thing here is to make sure the salads aren’t bland so you’ll be excited to eat them!

roasted green beans

turkey bacon

spinach/kale mix

light caesar dressing

spinach/kale mix

cherry tomatoes

blue chesse

turkey bacon

raspberry vinigerette

honey greek yogurt

green grapes



sweet potato seasoned with garlic


spinach/kale mix

raspberry walnut dressing


roasted green beans

spinach/kale mix

homemade asian sauce: olive oil, soy sauce, fresh ginger, fresh garlic, fresh cilantro


turkey bacon



light caesar dressing

deli turkey

spinach/kale mix

cherry tomatoes

blue cheese

raspberry vinaigrette

Other salad ideas include a taco salad, bean salad, chicken & steamed spinach salad w greek yogurt, berry salad, and really anything your creative mind comes up with!

Thank you so much for reading! Please watch the video above and subscribe to my youtube channel! Check out more posts below! Love you guys ❤ 

17 Replies to “THE SALAD DIET/DETOX (really works)”

  1. I have the similar cravings to eat junk everyday, but setting a plan for a week or more to have salads only. Wouldn’t that be as a goal to complete the short time diet and again getting back to those cravings doubled by waiting so long!?

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