being an Iranian in the USA right now


These images are all mine, please do not use without accrediting. I want to show the actual country of Iran, not the biased, untrue things you see in media.

I’m at a loss for words. Over the course of a week, our situation has gone from terrible to grave. I cannot believe how quickly the world around me is crumbling. Tensions in the world are sensitively high. As of yesterday, I, as a United States citizen, am not allowed to go back to Iran. My first amendment rights are being taken right under my nose. This is only temporary and most people aren’t even disrupted by this, but how about the thousands of people that had tickets to see family, to go on trips, to do what they need to do? And on the contrary? What about the people that are now stuck in Iran and the 6 other countries being discriminated against FOR NO REASON. They have lives here, jobs, families, pets, if an “American” (white) person was stuck somewhere and couldn’t get tot their job/life, the whole country would go crazy. Not to say all people are bad, I live in a hotly Republican state, and I come across compassionate, educated people all the time. The most disturbing thing is that the government decision being made now are all out of racism. That’s 100% the drive behind the decisions made by our “leader”. People don’t seem to see that Donald Trump is a modern day Hitler and I’m so scared by that. Thank you God for giving us all 8 glorious, golden years of Barack Obama. He was the most human president we have ever gotten the honor to have.

I’m in love with Iran and I’m beyond proud of my background, I even got a tattoo representing this. Nobody can take that away from me, I can’t believe someone is taking the actual country away. I don’t believe this will last because no good will come of this hyper racism, but it’s still so so so very upsetting that this is happening.

The problem is people that are ignorant about a subject love to assume about it or just listen to media. Do not speak about a subject if you haven’t done your research about it or experienced it. The countries being discriminated aren’t even terror active countries. Those countries give the U.S. too much oil and money for us to cause any damage in the relationship.

I have tickets to visit Iran in the summer. I was beyond excited to go, see my wonderful family, eat, shop, immerse myself in the glorious culture I love so very much, and blog about all of it. I had so many posts planned with wonderful pictures and insightful things about the absolutely stunning country. But now what? Will that fall through? Most likely, yes. As a college student I don’t want to run the risk of getting stuck in Iran, but as a human I think they would treat me better than the U.S. is, to be so honest.

I feel betrayed by this nation. This great nation with great opportunities that I have always called home and felt comfort in and trusted is suddenly a very grim place. I don’t feel safe and welcome anymore, in my own home. I can’t believe this is the state we are living in. Please don’t spread racism, hate, ignorance, teach the people around you to love and show them that these countries perceived as “evil” by these racist people are in reality fantastic places. This hate will get us no where, we are only moving backwards, hopefully my generation will try to run this world far more compassionately, focusing on real issues instead of one’s that bring nothing good. 

I will make another, more lengthy post about this soon. Things need to be processed and determined before I can truly get my feeling out correctly.

Please pray for our broken world. 

I wrote a guest post, for a wonderful page about happiness you should all check out, that is an extension of this post. If you would like to check out the post and her page, click the link below.

I am a proud Iranian American, but I’m not proud of America at this moment

41 Replies to “being an Iranian in the USA right now”

  1. Hi Rose – love this! my husband was born in Iran – he has best of both worlds – I am so fortunate!!!

    would you please write a guest post for my blog?

    in search box to right of my blog, type ‘call for writers’ & that explains more. if you like, it can even be a reworking of this post with following revisions: 1. shorten to about 300 words or less, 2. shorten to 2-3 photos to include, 3. add 1-3 sentences about yourself & links you prefer, ie to your blog

    you are always welcome to email me at:

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    1. wow thank you so much for giving me the chance to guest post for you! That’s amazing, I never thought I would be asked to do that. Thank you for reading, enjoying, and reaching out to me, I love blogs for this exact reason. I will definitely write a post for you and keep up with your blog, thank you again<3

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      1. Am so glad, Rose – sorry I took this long to get back to you – had a very busy weekend. again, if you have any questions, pls email. can’t wait to read what you come up with!

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  2. I agree. I am sure the prez’s wife went right to the front of the immigration line when she came. My wife is a legal immigrant and it is an exhausting and broken process. I don’t hold any hope it will be fixed soon.

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  3. You hit all the points . I’m sad for you and all those whose lives are disrupted . What’s sadder is this ban is probably going to get worse before it gets better . He will add on the other countries as well eventually . And his countries of choice do not make sense at all as the countries that have been involved with terrorists attacks on this country are not even on the list . I think the only hope is he gets impeached .

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    1. Thank you for being educated about the subject. It’s devastating that this is the world we are living in. The problem is even if he’s impeach he’s firing all the sane government staff and replacing them with people like himself. Thank you so much for reading I’m glad you can see the sadness this is bringing


      1. I’m paying attention . I really have no belief about religions . But , I do believe in people no matter their choice of religion or wherever they come from . How many of us would be in this country if the borders were closed . And your right , he’s doing as Hitler did in the end , Hitler got rid of everyone that didn’t agree with him and brought in “yes” men . The ironic thing that has happened here is that , a few years ago , Muslims were prejudiced against by many Americans . Trump has caused the opposite effect as it seems many people are rallying to support Muslims now .


    1. I don’t mind at all. I’m actually grateful that you are helping me spread this message and show the beauty of my country. Thank you so much I will make sure to keep up with your posts ❤


  4. Thank you for speaking out so honestly. I think more and more people will realise they made a mistake in voting for Trump but I wonder how much damage he’ll do in the meantime.His appointments alone are enough to cripple the country never mind his racism and hate. The terrorists of 9/11 came from countries not affected by this ban but who have business interests with Trump.None of the 7 countries under ban have sent any terrorists to the States but Trump has no business interests there that a ban can effect.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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  5. I’m so sorry this is happening to you. It’s a shameful time for the US. I can only hope that the voices of kindness, compassion, and reason prevail, and we end up with a better country that the one we left behind. I’ll continue to protest for all those unfairly harmed by the reckless actions of our government. My best to you. ❤

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  6. I love the photos. Especially the one with the spices in the shop.
    I also like what you write. Keep writing. It’s so important to not be quiet. 🙂

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    1. thank you so so much for reading and I’m so happy you enjoyed. Yes, we must continue to stand together to speak out against hate and spread truth and positivity ❤ I wrote another post about this subject after this one if you’re interested

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  7. Beautiful writing and pictures. I am so sorry for you and your family. What our country is going through right now is so tragic and I can’t pretend to imagine what you and many others are feeling and experiencing. Together we must take a stand against hate and racism.

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    1. thank you so much for reading and understanding this pain. Even though it doesn’t personally effect you, you understand the evil and hatred behind it, and that’s all the matters. We must fight all this by spreading truth and positivity. Thanks again ❤

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  8. Sending you my love again below this post… Was writing something about this in Dutch. Will start to translate my text next week so it can be read by everyone. It is so important to spread the love and tolerance for us, for each other. More then ever! The world is so small. Wishing you all the best ❤

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  9. A really great piece, but such a pity you had to write it in the first place! He really is coming across as a dictator and it is absolutely horrifying what he is being allowed to do. Everyone that seems to oppose him is being fired. I have to say the future of the world as a whole is looking quite bleak & frightening at the moment.

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  10. This is such a human and timely blog. It’s a genuine joy to visit and to enjoy your vibrant writing. I am grateful for your kind approval of my own blog and that you are following me 🙂 Thank you much.
    I was an exchange student at a German university (Justus Liebig) in the early 70’s and lived in student housing with a wonderful group of fellow students from Iran. It was also an early introduction to their life under the Shah, subjugation under Savak and all the geopolitical ambitions of various tyrants and their agendas. Yet, no other modern country has a longer heritage of civilization.
    Ignorance thrives in empty minds. Propagandists with a narrow agenda find such minds useful. I can forgive those who are misled by geopolitical manipulation, but not the manipulators who knowingly bear false witness.
    Your refusal to be daunted inspires me greatly and brings light-hearted joy to my heart. So I join you in solidarity and wish you great peace 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your detailed response to my post ❤ I love hearing others views on this subject and it’s interesting to see the clear division between people. Thank you for reading and your amazing words of encouragement I’m so glad you appreciate my words and posts ❤❤❤ wishing you all the best and hoping we all can experience peace soon

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  11. This is a fantastic post. I’m appalled at our country right now – so many people don’t understand that the kind of political, nationalistic dogma being employed by the White House and other Western governments is just the kind of rhetoric that incited the atrocities of WWII. It’s terrifying – I am not Iranian, but I love Iran, its culture, and (especially its men lol). Best of luck to you in the future. ❤

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