Hey guys! With school season starting up once again, here is a short list of food that are easy to  make, store, and take for lunch! Taking food to school or work helps you save money and eat much, much healthier. Staying fed keeps you happy and productive!

First off, invest in a container you can use everyday. You can find cheap tupperwear sets and most grocers, just make sure the lid shuts tightly. I usually just put these containers in my backpack or bag, but you could always get a bag for your lunch!

You can get creative with any of these and customize them to what you like! I recommend making two or three of these at the beginning of the week and having different lunch throughout the week!

Main Food

Spinach Wrap– Wheat tortilla w/ spinach, mayo, deli meat of choice, etc.

Cheese Quesadilla– Wheat tortilla w/cheese, grilled in pan, chk/beef opt.

Chk Salad w/ Greek Yogurt– Chk, gy, steamed spinach, avacado, mix, eat alone or w/ bread/rice

Asian Style Chk w/ broc & aspargus- cook chk, steam broc & aspargus, grill in pan, pour a mix of bbq, soy sauce, and honey on top

Eggrolls- get eggroll paper from any grocer, get creative with filling. could fill w/ cabbage, chk, peas, carrot, shrimp, or even something different like a taco eggroll w/ beef and cheese and sour cream dipping sauce

Fried Shrimp- homemade, easy, cheap, delicious. I recommend using buttermilk when battering

Broiled Shrimp Bake– easy and healthy. broil shrimp for 3-4 minutes, turn shrimp, add any steamed vegetable you like (aspargus, bro, cali, potatoes, brussel sprouts, etc.), broil for another 4 minutes

Chk Fingers- batter chicken & fry at home. delicious and less greasy than fast food. I, again, recommend buttermilk

Burrito Bowl!!!- YOU CAN DO SO MUCH WITH THIS ONE. make a bowl with all your favorites. rice, a meat, corn, avocado, beans, salsa, greek yogurt, quinoa, anything you want! you can even make asian or mediterranean style burrito bowls, get creative

Fajita- meat or chk, grilled onions & peppers, eat alone or w/ bread/rice

Cream Chs Chk Taquitos- cream chs w/ chicken, rolled up and grilled

Greek Yogurt Parfait- in jar, one layer gy, one layer granola, one layer chia seed pudding, one layer fruit, repeat until jar is full

Pizza Pasta– any kind of past really, just make sure to use bowtie or elbow pasta, long past is hard to eat. pizza past is past w/ pepperoni & marinara sauce

Creamy Rice & Chk- in a crockpot, cook rice, chicken, and a little half and half to get a cream rice w chk

Honey Garlic Shrimp- grilled shrimp w/ honey garlic sauce

Stuffed Cabbage- steamed cabbage leaves stuffed w/ meat & veggie blend

Vegan Sausage & Veggies- trader joes has surprisingly good vegan sausage that’s great when roasted with peppers or whatever veggies you like

Pita Bread Pizzas- pita bread, marinara, cheese, any topping you want 

Salad/Salad Wrap- i love putting salad dressing at the bottom of a mason jar and salad on top. I usually use spinach, tomato, chk, and other things then shake it up when I’m ready to eat. you could also take any salad and wrap it in tortilla bread.

Classic Grilled Cheese- add veggies/meat if you like

Snacks/ Side Foods

String Cheese


Apples (sliced)


Black Beans






Cracker Sandwiches

Thank you guys so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed. Please check out my other posts and like this if you like it! Let me know if this helped you.



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